Anyone who lives in the southtowns and has to drive down Route 5 on a regular basis, knows how treacherous the waves can be. Sometimes they close sections of Route 5, because it gets too dangerous.

According to WKBW, there will be a new seawall built, dividing Lake Erie and Route 5.

The old wall that is there now will not be replaced, however. The new wall will be built alongside it. The wall will stand 40 feet deep into Lake Erie and will serve as a buffer to the intense waves that crash towards Route 5.

But that's not all. "There will also be a splash apron that will absorb water that made its way over the wall and catch any debris that would otherwise be in the road," according to WKBW.

The United States Army Corps of Engineers will begin construction on the new wall on September 18th. The "Athol Springs Project" is expected to be completed by the fall of 2020.

My parents live in Hamburg, very close to the exposed part of Route 5 by Rodney's and Hoak's. This new wall is very much needed and I'm sure others that live in that area would agree.

This new wall will help prevent anything like the frozen car from the winter of 2016 from happening again.



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