New Dollar General On Southwestern

If you drive along Southwestern Boulevard in Orchard Park near ECC South , you may have seen some construction on a new building and wondered what is going on?

Residents Comment On New Dollar General

Construction continues on a brand new Dollar General store that will open soon across from ECC South and next to Burt's Bikes in Orchard Park. But not everybody is excited for the new business to arrive in their neighborhood.

Recently there was a discussion on the next-door app among neighbors who passed by the area and although there is going to be lots of savings inside of the new store, it is not the most popular addition to the area.

I grew up in East Aurora and remember the days when the people in the area were fighting Walmart. Residents in the village of East Aurora and the town of Aurora who were against it tried to keep East Aurora from becoming “too commercial.” I believe there were even bumper stickers that read "save historic East Aurora".

But the truth is, many people who are against having stores like Walmart or Dollar General in their neighborhood do a lot of shopping at these places. Like it or not, you do get good savings on many items and there’s lots of product available for you to choose from. I prefer shopping at the local mom and pop locations if I can. However I have to admit that every once in a while , our family does some shopping at some of the box type stores.

I travel by this new Dollar General almost every day and it does not bother me that it’s on Southwestern Boulevard. That seems like a pretty commercial route to begin with with plenty of other retail businesses and commercial businesses along that stretch of road.

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