I love game night with friends or family. It almost doesn't matter what game we're playing, it's the fact we're together and having fun is what counts.

However, a Buffalo sports trivia game sounds like a game-changer.

According to Buffalo Rising, there's a new sports trivia game that tests sports fans on Buffalo sports, as well as the sports world in general. It's called Buffalo Against the World Sports Trivia Game.

The game has 250 questions, with 2,000 possible answers. The questions include Bills, Sabres, Bisons and even sports teams from way back, like the Braves and Stallions. It includes professional and college sports, alike.

“This is the perfect team trivia game that can add the same fun and exciting competition to your next tailgate party as it can to your holiday gatherings,” said David Gram, one of the game developers at You Gotta Know Games.

The game will ask some obvious ones that pertain to Jim Kelly or Dominik Hasek but could also throw you a Brian Brohm or Mika Noronen.

You can get the Buffalo Against the World Sports Trivia Game at the game's website or at Amazon. You an also order it at the Store716 website.

Read the full story at Buffalo Rising.

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