This is the time of year when we have to be mindful of the Christmas Beaver.

What is the Christmas Beaver?

You would be shocked to find out that many people don’t know what it is! 

Legend has it, there was once a Christmas Beaver who gnawed and chewed at Christmas trees during the most wonderful time of the year, only to deliver a Christmas tree to every well-behaved household just in time for the holidays. 

For those who were not well-behaved, they faced an unfortunate fate: legend says the Christmas Beaver would maul those who were badly behaved and use them for their dam made of people. 

Now, nobody is getting mauled by a beaver in Western New York (thankfully), but rather one Christmas Beaver is spreading cheer in this jolly good season of giving!

This Christmas Beaver is mailing out Christmas Cards!

The “beaver” is Kadie Daye from Clay & Company. She happened to find her old Christmas Beaver onesie while visiting her parents this weekend, and now she is spreading cheer with its beaverness in the form of Christmas cards.

If you want a Christmas card from this Eager Beaver, make sure you send a message to Country 106.5 WYRK on Facebook before December 1 to express your interest in receiving a letter from Christmas Beaver. 

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