A couple weeks ago a study came out that listed Buffalo near the bottom of a list of dog friendly cities.  This might be just one example why...

If you love dogs, New York City might be the place to be for you this week.

They are hosting their first ever "Dog Restaurant Week."  A week where diners will be able to dine with their dogs at a variety of local dog-friendly outdoor patios across Manhattan and Brooklyn.

The best part is that it's not just an event where people will come with their dogs to eat while they watch.  The restaurants will have dog specific menus too!

This is something that Buffalo will need to jump on in order to make their way up that list of "Dog Friendly Cities."

The Dog Restaurant week is the brainchild of a group called "Petminded" that has made it their mission to make it easier for pet owners to travel (and eat) with their pets.

Would you eat at a place that was dog friendly?  Or would that turn you off from going there at all?


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