Forget your change? Don't have an E-Z Pass? Better pay your toll in New York State or risk penalties including suspension of registration.

Governor Cuomo has been on a mission to keep people from evading or failing to pay tolls on New York roadways.

According to Metro Source News:

Cuomo says that toll evaders flaunt the law on the backs of hard working New Yorkers who play by the rules and this will make sure they pay their fair share.

Soon there will be less toll booths in place on many of New York's bridges, toll roads and tunnels.

The NY Times reported in October of 2016 that, new technology will pick up vehicles that have E-ZPass and "those without it will have their license plates recorded by camera.."

The person/company that owns the vehicle that goes through the toll will receive a bill in the mail. Failure to pay three bills/tolls in five years could result in suspension of vehicle registration.

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