You now have a chance to own a piece of history right here in Western New York.

Currently on the market is the 25-room Spencer Hotel and Spa located in Chautauqua, New York. The hotel is currently listed for $2.5 million dollars and offers over 10,000 square feet of living space.

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The Spencer Hotel and Spa was built in 1907 and is a historic landmark in Chautauqua Institution, a cultural learning center for arts, literature, and world awareness. The hotel was renovated in 2003.

Each of the 25 rooms of the hotel is inspired by a different famous author. From John Keats to Beatrix Potter, Jane Austin to Isabelle Allende each room brings the author's personality to life with its decor including paintings from each of the author's most famous books.

The common area of the hotel offers guests a place to relax. The common areas include a living room with a fireplace, a dining room, a sauna, a reading room, and several porches overlooking the amphitheater on the grounds.

The Spencer Hotel and Spa is listed on the select registry Bed & Breakfast collection and recognized as a historic landmark.

The hotel also offers a chance to make a pretty good income as well. Each room is listed for around $195 per night. The hotel has a chance to make around $4800 per night when it is fully booked.

So if you ever wanted to own your own hotel, here is a chance to own a piece of history right here in Western New York.

Historic Hotel Up For Sale In Western New York

The Spencer Hotel and Spa Is Up For Sale

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