It seems all we hear about the last several months is inflation, inflation, and inflation.

Gas prices have never been higher, and our dollar doesn't stretch as far, yet we see and hear about record profits for some companies.

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Even though we expect an increase in the price of goods because the cost of raw materials and the price of transport items has increased, it seems some companies are upping prices when they shouldn't.

The other day I saw this tweet and I got angry. Not at the fact that prices have gone up, but the fact that the prices of something have gone up that didn't need to.

To me, this seems to be a money grab. People are expecting to pay higher due to inflation, but paying an extra $1 to have your bread toasted is insane.

That is almost 10% of the entire cost of the sub. Unless Wegman's has created some new jobs that they have to hire people to toast each sub, what is the increase to $10? Are electric prices that high? Couldn't they charge 10 cents for toasting the sub if the price of electricity went up?

Again, in my mind, this is an avoidable charge and it seems that Wegman's is looking at trying to get as much money as possible from their customers.

Now I have not spoken to anyone from Wegman's corporate about this, but again if there is a valid reason to charge $1 to toast a sub roll, please put out the reason on your app when people go to order.

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