Ugh. State lawmakers love to tax us for every little thing.

Three Western New York democrats have proposed that every time you take an Uber or Lyft you are charged an extra dollar, for every ride.

They want to charge you more across the entire state, apparently, for funding an infrastructure improvements campaign, especially in Upstate New York.

Remember, when Uber came here--New York officials told Uber they had to charge us an extra 4%. Now, they want their extra dollar. 

According to WGRZ's Danny Spewak:

Senate Republicans will certainly put up a fight before the April deadline. They have been especially vocal in their opposition to the additional ride-sharing tax, including Sen. Michael Ranzenhofer (R-Amherst).


"I think it's ridiculous. I don't support it at all," Ranzenhofer said in a phone interview from Albany. "As far as I'm concerned, it's dead on arrival. I don't think there's much support for it among upstate representatives. I don't think anyone in the Senate supports it, so I don't see it going very far."

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