If you have kids in school, the end of the year is just around the corner. The days are getting longer and, hopefully, we have put the heavy snow behind us. As many schools are getting ready for spring break, there is some housekeeping that will happen this week.

Raise your hand if you remember the days of chalk boards! Or perhaps you were in school at the time when computers were just being introduced and there were a few times during the week your class took a trip to the computer lab. Fast forward and now just about every classroom has an array of computers and many kids are lucky to have an individual tablet.

Some schools will be taking a close look at the tablets that they have after a recent report of a fire that was sparked by these handheld computers.

A Lockport school has thousands of dollars' worth of damages after investigators say electronic tablets caused a fire.

No one was injured but at least four rooms were damaged and classes will be canceled Monday.

Even when I started college at Canisius College in Buffalo way, way, way back in 1995, we had a special room dedicated to computers and we had to sign in and sign out to use them. Fast forward to 2023 and our three sons are on their tablets for school/after school learning every day and they were vital to learning from home during the pandemic.

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