This is great news! The Governor’s Traffic Safety Committee announced over the weekend that drivers and passengers have set a new record for compliance with New York’s seat belt law. A total of 93.41 percent of drivers and passengers buckled up and this the highest ever in an annual survey. The last record was in 2015 with 92 percent compliance which carried over to 2016.

Terri Egan, Executive Deputy Commissioner of the New York State Department of Motor Vehicles and Acting GTSC Chair, said of the results,

“We have worked very hard through education and enforcement to remind New Yorkers of just how important it is to buckle up when driving or as a passenger, and to properly secure child passengers in an approved child safety seat. We are proud to have set a new record once again, and we will remain persistent in our efforts to reach even higher compliance next year.”

The data was collected in June at 120 sites within six regions of the state.

Read more about the accomplishment and campaign to keep seat belt compliance up in the press release from the Governor’s Traffic Safety Committee.

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