As many students and families are preparing for the back-to-school grind and checking items off the shopping list, there are some who are making plans for their transportation this fall. If a used car is something you are considering, there is a new warning from New York State.

The summer weather of 2023 has been interesting to say the least. From record heat to flooded roads, there have been a list of extremes this year. But what is left behind after the water goes away? If the car you are looking at was under water, there are many issues you may not even know about.

The fall is a busy time for car dealers as people look for the new model year vehicles. This year, many are considering an electric vehicle as the gas prices climb and New York is planning to go all green. But for now, many pre owned or used cars are powered by gas or diesel.

The New York State Department of Motor Vehicles says after severe weather events like the ones that have happened in New York this year, there is often an increase in the marketing and sale of vehicles that have been affected by water.

There is also a warning for those who use a coffee shop or public place to do their work on a computer. AI technology has made it possible for people to take your information based on your typing.

There is a new warning for anyone who is a loud typer; be careful how loud you type! says that:

The first step of the attack is to record keystrokes on the target's keyboard, as that data is required for training the prediction algorithm. This can be achieved via a nearby microphone or the target's phone that might have been infected by malware that has access to its microphone.

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