New York State is bustling this week as the kids head back to their first day of school. The heat and humidity of the summer are finally wrapping up and the cooler air is moving in. But will new laws come with the winds of change?

There are some who claim they would NEVER allow their kids to use smartphones or iPads or tablets. That may be true for some. However, as a father of four and the youngest of five, I am sure our parents would have used the technology we have to help quiet the house every now and again.

But, that being said, there are times when kids get too much screen time and it may be causing some issues for these kids ling term.

In some areas of the world, as in Ireland, people are cracking down on what may be causing mental health related conditions among kids who are always focused on a screen.

According to reports,

The Guardian reported that parents in the coastal town, about a 45-minute drive south of Dublin, have joined together to implement the ban that seeks to bar smartphone usage until kids reach secondary school, typically at the age of 12 or 13.

Will New York State do the same? While there is currently no plan or chatter that would indicate the Empire State would ban smartphones, it would not be a surprise if they did.

There has been lots of discussion about things like a ban on tackle football. According

A recently introduced bill would prohibit kids under 13 from participating in organized tackle football and leave schools or leagues open to civil penalties if they allow children to participate in the sport.

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