The summer is not over yet and here in New York State there is no shortage of fun things to do before the fall arrives. But along with the summer comes a variety of weather that can get intense around this time of the year.

The National Weather Service in the New York City area has issued an alert to watch for strong to severe storms Thursday as the heat and humidity combine to make for the possibility of intense storms.

Remember to stay alert and don't drive through an area that is flooded over water is pouring over.

As we move in to the second half of August, the list of things to do is still very full. We are all trying to sneak in as many things as we can before the kids get back to school. The New York State Fair is about to start in just a couple of weeks and there is a new reminder for those who smoke.

Although much of the excitement of the New York State Fair is outdoors, organizers want smoking to be limited to designated areas off of the fairgrounds.

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