As we start a new week and close in on the end of October, the current war in the Middle East has entered it's third week. The world is anxiously watching to see what will happen next and when hostages may be released. Tensions are very high as other nations are exchanging some harsh words and warnings.

But here at home, there are renewed fears based on the rhetoric and incendiary things were are seeing and reading online and at local protests. Things have gotten scary and New York State is not only aware, they are keeping an eye on things and have a new alert.

Sunday afternoon, an alert and lengthy post on "X" (formerly Twitter) from New York's Governor.

The current war in the Middle East has tensions high all over the globe. The fear is that crimes against various groups pf people may be sparked as a result of what we are seeing on TV and online. Both sides of the conflict seem to have increased the biases and hatred for one another.

New York State is renewing it's alert for it's residents. The second largest Jewish population in the world is here in New York State.

Those hoping to report a hate or bias crime will also be able to fill out a form online, which is monitored by the Hate and Bias Prevention Unit. Hochul says the unit is ready to assist community members who may need help filing complaints, organizing educational programs, or providing conflict resolution.

This comes as the Governor has returned from a trip to the Middle East and Israel.

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