The next time you go to a restaurant or bar in New York State, will you be bringing cash? It seems fewer and fewer people are carrying cash these days and it is having an impact on the way we tip.

For most people, 18% seems to be the acceptable amount to tip. When you go to a pizza place or coffee joint, they may ask you to tip any amount from 10-25%! There is always that awkward moment when you pick up your order and you have to tip and they spin the screen toward you and you need to choose an amount.

But according to New York State, there are specific laws and rules that pertain to tipping. There are four specified ways to tip someone in New York State.

The Only Acceptable Forms of Tipping In New York State

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The rules about tipping also cover collective or group tipping. In fact, New York State has a law about when the employer has to pay an employee a tip they earned and was paid on a credit card.

When tips are given by customers via credit card, the employer must pay the employee the amount due no later than the next regularly scheduled pay day

It is a new year and if you are going to enjoy dining out or having food delivered, remember that most of the staff that is doing the work to get the food to you depend on tips for their wages.

But what about that delivery fee? There are also laws that are specific to delivery fees. Companies have to make it clear to customers that the delivery fee is NOT the actual tip.

Employers must tell their customers who receive deliveries that the delivery fee identified on their bill, statement, receipt, or other document detailing the delivery is not a tip/gratuity.

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