We are only six weeks in to 2024 and there seems to have been a crazy amount of recalls and recall alerts. Here in New York State, we are constantly getting warnings about dangerous scams or products that are harmful. The latest recall alert deals with a specific refrigerator.

There have been rumors and reports that some of the less expensive or "economy" models of freezers and refrigerators will be unavailable in the United States and here in New York.The goal is to be more energy efficient and "green" and limit appliances that do not operate as such.

Until then, now may be a good time to grab an appliance that is a better value. This coming weekend in President's Day weekend and you may want to do some shopping. Beware this recall and warning before you shop for refrigerators.

Nearly 400,000 Frigidaire Refrigerators were recalled after people were injured by sharp pieces of broken plastic that fell into the ice maker.

Some of the warnings in this recall alert are pretty scary. In fact, there are reports of serious lacerations.

The CPSC says the ice bucket assembly components can break causing plastic pieces to enter the buckets which can pose a potential choking or laceration hazard.

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