The next time you get a speeding ticket or a ticket for driving reckless in New York State, it may mean way more points on your New York State driver's license.

The schools are back in session and kids are everywhere. The most dangerous time to be on the road is here and you really have to pay attention to what is happening around you.

If you have ever gotten a speeding ticket, you know it is a big hassle. Fees, time spent in court, insurance issues and points on your license are all part of the routine after you get written up. New York State may increase the points which could lead to more people having their license revoked.

According to Livingston County News:

The changes would make it more difficult for persistent violators to get back their driving privilege back, DMV officials said in a news release. They said they’re in response to Gov. Kathy Hochul’s 2023 State of the State proposal to take high-risk drivers off the road.

As far as back to school, the DMV wants to remind you about the rules on the road around busses and schools.

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