The summer may be long gone and the rodeo season may be over here in New York State but there are some who are already looking ahead to the next season. With the popularity of the show "Yellowstone", there are new fans of cowboys and cowgirls and the western lifestyle.

But when rodeo season comes back around in 2023 to New York State, and the weather is great for taking the family to a rodeo, what will it look like? Will rodeo stay the same and will it even be a thing anymore? California rodeo fans are already faced with the possibility that it will be gone soon and many say New York can't be far behind.

In a story from the LA TIMES it was reported that:

In Los Angeles, the City Council is poised to vote on legislation that would curtail, if not eliminate, rodeo events within the city. Instead of banning particular events, the legislation seeks to ban certain devices used on rodeo animals — spurs, flank straps and electric prods — that can cause pain or injury.

Rodeo in New York has gotten very popular over the last few years. From Albany to The Adirondacks to Western New York, rodeo fans fill arenas and rodeo grounds just about every weekend in the summer. We took our family to see the rodeo this past summer. I have been a fan for years and the way I see it, these animals are treated better than most people after their work which can last anywhere from 1-8 seconds a day or per week! The rest of the time, these animals are cared for better than most people!

No rodeo ban is in place in New York State at this time.

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