We're less than two weeks from Halloween, which means spooky season is in full force.

There's really no better state for Halloween than New York. It's the perfect fall temperature most of the month, with gorgeous fall foliage and plenty of fall activities leading up to October 31st.

The only real problem with late October is that is right when the temperatures start to shift to an ultra cool pattern. Sometimes, we even get flakes flying in the days leading up to Halloween.

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Despite what has been a mostly pleasant start to fall, the outlook for November doesn't look promising for snowfall accumulation; the end of October and the start of fall loom downright cold for many parts of New York State.

The Weather Channel is even forecasting places in upstate New York to receive snow at the end of the month; even the chance for consecutive days with snowfall.

The 14-day forecast for Lake Placid, NY gets cold in a hurry. By Sunday, October 29th, Lake Placid is forecasted to receive at least five straight days of snowfall. The high temperatures will be in the low-40's, but dip to the mid-20's by the night and into the early morning hours.

Typically, the first average snowfall is somewhere between the third and fourth weeks of October, for many towns in New York State. The first real accumulating snow typically happens in early-to-mid November, and that looks like it will happen in places like Lake Placid; potentially those off Lake Erie and Lake Ontario.

Snow is on the way. Make sure you're prepared for it this year.

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