The snow is here and winter is in full swing across New York.

When you see snow in television shows and movies, it's typically light and fluffy. In reality, snow is wet, heavy, dirty and just a giant pain to walk or drive through.

The longer you live in a cold climate, the better you get at driving in the snow. You know when to break and how to gently tap the gas pedal to work your tires through the snow and even get yourself out of the slush when your car is parked.

Because the snow is here and should be for quite some time, the New York State Division of Homeland Security posted their important reminders for drivers, when it comes to winter driving.

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They stress that drivers do not use cruise control when driving through the snow. That's important because you have to constantly adjust the speed and apply your foot to the gas and break. Cruise control in winter conditions is dangerous.

You can also check road conditions at 511 NY dot org.

There's expected to be snow on Saturday and Sunday, and especially bad for those downstate by New York City. As for Western and Central New York, the snow won't be as terrible but will still produce another 1-3 inches; on top of what fell back on Wednesday.

Another storm system is expected Tuesday and Wednesday of next week, with another potential once the week after. It's shaping up to be a snowy and cold January across New York State.

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