After a relatively good weather weekend across the State of New York, the weather has taken a turn for the worse on Tuesday.

Monday saw humid conditions with partly sunny skies, but Tuesday features all-day rain with thunderstorms that are passing through Central New York, and pop-up thunderstorms in Western and Upstate New York.

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The rain will likely not stop completely until later tonight for most residents.

There's even the potential for something we rarely see here in New York and the northeast, and that are tornadoes.

The National Weather Service Prediction Center says that there is a very small chance of tornadoes for much of Central and Upstate New York this afternoon, Tuesday, June 7th.

That also includes the southern tier.

It's only a 2 percent chance at any given point, but we have had tornadoes pop up in recent years with thunderstorms, so something to be aware of.

This is all part of a very active weather system that is impacting much of the country.

Thursday and Saturday will both have chances for more rain showers and it won't be too warm this week. Temperatures will struggle to reach 70 degrees most dats, especially if you live near a body of water (Lake Erie, Lake Ontario).

Temperatures should warm back up for summer-like weather by next week.

Always be prepared when you're driving through a thunderstorm. Take it slow and easy with a downpour, which causes significantly reduced visibility.

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