There is a deadline that is approaching that will impact thousands in New York State and now is the time to take action.

The good weather has been showing it's face every now and again here in New York State and as the days get longer, we are seeing more and more people on the roads and highways. Officials remind drivers to share the road and watch for kids on bikes.

As we "look twice and save a life", those who are in a motorcycle are also reminded to be safe. Not only that, those who own and ride a motorcycle are encouraged to get it registered now.

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According to reports and a message from the DMV, The state Department of Motor Vehicles says all motorcycle registrations expire April 30th and need to be renewed by then.

The DMV notes that, "If a motorcycle is suspended or revoked, or if the motorcycle has not been inspected in the past 12 months, its registration cannot be renewed. If the registration is expired for more than a year, you will have to reregister it at a DMV office or by mail".

It is that time of the year when we are all busier, and more distracted than normal. Before you pull out of a driveway or parking lot, look twice. Although it is the responsibility of those on motorcycles to be alert, motorists in cars can get caught off guard by a motorcycle.

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