It’s only for a little while. 

If you’ve ever looked at a toddler with an iPad and shook your head, this day is basically made for you. 

On March 3, New Yorkers (and many others across the world) are opting to partake in this elimination of technology for one full day. 

Turning off all technology mediums for a full day reminds us of life’s simple pleasures, and it gives you a bit of an idea of what life might have been like before technology existed. 

(Yes, that includes computers, iPads, phones, the internet, and more.)

On National Day of Unplugging, you should avoid technology as much as you can, in order to fully connect with your loved ones, your communities, and last but not least – yourself. 

The observance of the day lasts for 24 hours, and it starts at sundown on the day of which it starts, which is March 3. 

Before you turn off the phone and computers, you can go on this website and pledge to unplug. If you do that, they will send you a toolkit that consists of activity guides, conversation starters, and "I UNPLUG TO___" signs, which can be used on days where you decide to unplug on your own (or next year when you celebrate the day again!). 

Or just enjoy the natural beauty around you! Oftentimes, we have our necks craned towards are phones and we miss it! 

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