Gas prices are going to be going down soon! At least, that is what the hope is at the New York State level. The New York State budget details have been released and Governor Kathy Hochul made sure that one thing was in there to provide relief for families in New York State at the gas pump:

  • Decreasing gas prices by 16 cents at the pump by suspending the New York State gas tax for both unleaded and diesel.

This will be starting on June 1, 2022. Now, how does this exactly work? Both the State and the County charge taxes on gas. Right now, the gas tax that New York State gets 33 cents, and the suspension that the budget includes, would relieve about 16 cents of that. That suspension will go through until the end of 2022, at least.

Governor Hochul also mentioned that she is urging all of the counties in New York State to suspend the gas tax that they receive as well so that it can provide even more relief to families in the State.

In addition to the suspended gas tax coming, there were two other things that reporters had asked Governor Hochul that were two hot topics on social media yesterday: The Buffalo Bills stadium and the alcohol to go, which will be allowed going forward at New York State restaurants and bars.

One reporter asked Governor Hochul about the Buffalo Bills stadium and she said that she wishes that they could have come to a conclusion sooner, but that everyone involved knew that New York State could not make a financial commitment until the NFL made a decision on how much they would be given toward the new stadium. That decision couldn't be made until the NFL owners meeting at the end of March happened.

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