There is some great news for New York's ecology as the DEC has give an update on the list of endangered species.

Many of the animals and birds that were previously thought to become extinct in the near future have made a great comeback.

According to Metro Source News:

The Department of Environmental Conservation is proposing removal of 19 species from the state's endangered and threatened list.  The species, including the bald eagle and peregrine falcon, are showing significant population growth, making them no longer threatened.


As far as eagles are concerned, there are nearly 400 breeding pairs in NY! This is great news and if you have been outdoors recently you may have seen a few of them flying around your home! reports that:

“The remarkable recovery of the bald eagle in New York state and beyond is one of our nation’s best stories of conservation success,” said Executive Director of Audubon New York Ana Paula Tavares. “Help came to this species when it was needed most-exactly what the state endangered, threatened, and special concern species list exists to achieve.”

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