The NFL's biggest season ever is having quite a dramatic finish in the final week 18 with a lot at stake for many teams.

For the Buffalo Bills, if they want to guarantee themselves the top seed and home-field advantage for the first-round playoffs, they have to win in week 18 against the New York Jets. Now, they do not HAVE to win, but that is the easiest way to guarantee it. The Buffalo Bills officially clinched a playoff spot this year with its win over Atlanta and a Baltimore Ravens loss yesterday,

The New England Patriots could lose when they go visit Miami this coming Sunday. That would also give the Buffalo Bills the AFC East victory for the second consecutive year.

The Buffalo Bills game and the New York Jets game has been moved to 4:25 Eastern time for this coming Sunday, January 9. 

The Patriots-Dolphins game has also changed to 4:25 pm. We will find out which channel the game will be on later on when the NFL makes an announcement later today.

This is the fourth trip to the playoffs in the last five seasons for the Buffalo Bills.

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