Every year, the NFL Players Association ranks every team on things like the quality of the facility, the owners, the coaches, and more.  Here's how the Bills did.

The NFLPA report card is unique

When the NFLPA releases their report card, it's important to keep something in mind.  It's entirely voted on by the players.  That means that it's not based on what someone who comes to the facility for a day thinks.  It's the people who are in the building and dealing with the trainers, coaches, and nutritionists.  They're the ones who use these facilities every day.  Who is better to give a report on something like that?

How do the Bills normally do with this report card?

Last year, the Bills scored really well on things like the weight room, the strength coaches and the training staff.  They got A's and A+'s in those categories in 2023.  They also scored well with the facilities and the treatment of the players' families.  They got A-'s in those categories.

They didn't score well with their travel plans in 2023.  But overall, they were 9th in the league.

The Bills took a step backwards in 2024

According to the most recent report card, the Bills ended up 11th overall in the NFL.  It's two steps back from last year.  Once again, they did really well with their weight room and their strength coaches.  Terry Pegula also ranked high with his players.

However, team travel stood out again as a bad mark for the Bills.  Many of the players feel as though they don't have enough personal space when traveling.  They actually scored last of all teams when it came to that.  They also received poor marks when it came to training staff and receiving personalized plans from a dietician.

Click here to see the report cards for all 32 teams.

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