The weekend is here! Normally Friday the 13th would be a day that most would look at as a day for luck gone wrong. But this year, November 13th is a special day for Niagara Falls.

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When the sun sets on Niagara Falls on Friday and the switch is thrown for the powerful lights, the water will appear blue as it rushes over the tall banks of the Niagara River.

According to the report, Niagara Falls is going to be lit up in blue on the American side to honor Boys and Girls Clubs nationwide.

The Canadian side of the Falls is going to be green to show respect to Boys and Girls Clubs in that country.

IN a year that has brought so much unrest and fear, it is always nice to have something positive to look forward to. Niagara Falls is one of those destinations that most of us who grew up in Western New York may take for granted. I can remember when our family would take a weekend trip to Niagara Falls. It was so special! We would walk around the Rainbow Mall and have lunch in a small place near the falls.

The history and the majesty of Niagara Falls truly is a blessing to our region. It is amazing in the daylight . But it sure will be cool to see it lit up for a great organization this weekend!

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