The 2023-2024 school year is about to begin in New York State and when students and teachers get back there will be many changes this year. However, in Florida, there is a new permission slip that will be sent home and many wonder if New York State will do the same?

Going back to school causes excitement and anxiety for families. Parents may be excited to get kids back on a a routine and also feeling the pressure of paying for the supplies and clothes for back to school.

But an added anxiety may be looming as districts and officials try to navigate around various political issues like pronouns and the use of nicknames.

In Florida, there is a new order in Florida that says parents must give permission to schools to be able to use nicknames that are not the child's legal name. reports that Florida's Governor want parents to give schools the permission to use a nickname.

"If you would like for your child to be able to use a name aside from their legal given name on any of our campuses, we will ask for you to complete the consent form titled 'Parental Authorization for Deviation from Student's Legal Name Form.'"

The price tag for buying the supplies for this school year is pretty hefty. If you can find a sale or deal, jump on it!

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