A woman from Bolivar in Allegany County is suing the soft drink company Canada Dry claiming there is no real ginger in ginger ale.  She says she's been buying and drinking Canada Dry Ginger Ale for years based on the company's claims that the beverage is "Made with Real Ginger." 

The woman says the company's advertising claim made her believe Canada Dry Ginger Ale was made with real ginger root and therefore a healthy alternative to regular carbonated soft drinks and an aid to upset stomach.  She says she always learned that ginger root was a natural way to soothe an upset stomach, but the label says the beverage is mainly carbonated water and high fructose syrup with ginger flavoring.

She's not the only one making the claim against the company.  Other similar lawsuits are pending.

Does this sound like a play for free money?  It does to me.  I'm sorry, this woman sounds like she sees an angle to sue a big company hoping for at least an out of court settlement.  If she ends up with a couple thousand dollars it's more than she had beforehand, so let's give it a try.  Right?

Was she really physically or financially harmed?  I guess the court will decide that.  But what do you think?  Is this really a legitimate claim or is she a scammer?

There's more in a story in the Buffalo News.

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