Today we are expected to set another Record High Temperature here in Western New York, the third straight day that will happen. Of course, that is a complete 180 of the records we were setting last year.

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Just in case you have a short-term memory, last November around this time we were breaking new weather records, but instead of High Temps, we were setting records for the most snowfall!

Last year on November 11th, we set a new record for snowfall with 8.7 inches according to WIVB.

A record amount of snow fell on Buffalo on Monday.

The previous record for November 11 was 5.3 inches, set in 1942. This time around, 8.7 inches of snow fell, breaking the old record by 3.4 inches. was just 365 days ago that we set records for snowfall and now we are setting records for the highest temperatures recorded in Western New York.

If you ask me, I would take the 2020 weather all the time of the weather from last year!


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