Now, you really can get everything delivered right to your door.

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Tops is now delivering beer, hard cider and seltzers through Instacart.

The process of ordering isn't any different, but when you receive the order you'll have to provide I.D.

Spectrum reports alcohol delivery is only available through Tops and Instacart in New York State.

The pandemic has caused use of the service to grow considerably in the last six months.

"In the first half of March 2020, Instacart saw its app downloads grow by over 200 percent from February to mid-March based on consumers' apprehensions about visiting grocery stores during the coronavirus outbreak." -Statista

Many people turned to grocery delivery services out of a desire to avoid the grocery store due to coronavirus concerns. Supermarket News says that even though people feel safe in grocery stores, a recent study shows there are many other reasons consumers prefer grocery delivery.

"More than half (52%) of survey respondents cited time savings as the main draw of grocery delivery, followed by safety (11%), no parking or fuel expenses (10%), personalized order history (7%), bulk ordering (4%) and online discounts (4%)."

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