The Erie County Sheriff has listed off how many people have been arrested for trying to go into the pit where the new Buffalo Bills stadium is going.

In a press release sent out, Sheriff Garcia is reminding fans that it is unlawful to trespass in the construction zone. There is going to be additional security, like usual, surrounding the new stadium location.

Sheriff Garcia goes on to note how many people have been arrested for tresspassing at the site. You can see the press release posted below:

"Fans seen in the construction area will be charged with criminal trespass. This season, 10 individuals have been charged with being in the construction zone on game days. The breakdown by date is as follows:

  • 9/17 -1
  • 10/1-1
  • 11/13-2
  • 11/19-3
  • 12/17-2
  • 1/15-1

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