When there's a holiday, police don't all get a day off.  Many of them have to work while their families celebrate.  That's why this woman is so special to the NYSP.

Her name is Adele Ambrose.

She has been serving dinners to the New York State Troopers for 40 years on Thanksgiving.  It's not something that she had to do.  It's something she wanted to do for them to say thank you.

This week, the troopers got to say thank you back to Adele.

She turned 91.  However, due to coronavirus, aside from the tiara on her head, people weren't able to celebrate her the way that they had hoped.  But they put together a social distancing parade to show her how much she meant to them.

And the troopers were proud to be part of it for her.  Watch as she notices the troop cars drive by.  The tears couldn't be held back any longer...

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