Two New York State Troopers spent the weekend making rescues. One saved a man from jumping off a bridge while another helped a bald eagle with a broken wing.

Trooper Peters responded to a call of a man sitting on the Millennium Bridge in Owego threatening to jump. He was able to talk with the man and pulled him off the rail to safety at just the right moment.

New York State Police say, "his quick thinking and actions saved a man’s life."

Thank you Trooper Peters.

Credit - NYSP
Credit - NYSP

Trooper Angela Gilchrist responded to a call for an injured bald eagle on Interstate 81 in Jefferson County. She was able to help ENCON officers in saving the eagle that was taken to a rescue facility in Syracuse.

"It had a broken wing from the looks of it," said Trooper Gilchrist. "This Eagle was a young Bald Eagle, not fully matured yet."

Credit - NYSP
Credit - NYSP

New York State Police Rescue More Than Humans

New York State Police rescue more than humans. They help save defenseless animals too.

Lizard on the Loose

A nearly 5 foot Nile monitor lizard is on the loose in Attica, New York, a small village near Darien Lake.

The lizard escaped the cage it was living in when the owner was moving. It climbed over 100 feet into a tree and several attempts to recapture the lizard failed. Animal Control even set up live traps without much success.

Attica Police received several calls about the lizard making its way into the Tonawanda Creek. It found its way into a neighboring yard next to the Creek.

Residents in the area are being advised to keep an eye on small pets until the lizard is captured. It will bite and does secrete venom. However, it is not fatal to humans.

The police department is working with the New York State DEC to capture the lizard. If you see the animal do not approach it. Call the Attica Village Police Department at 585-591-0881 or the Village Office at 585-591-0898 immediately.

Five Animal Rescues Made by New York Conservation Officers in One Week

Officers rescue a fawn, a family of ducks, a year old bear, and an injured bald eagle

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