Dang, what a pay day for one guy who had this.

One card collector had a 2018 National Treasures 1-of-1 autographed Josh Allen rookie card. He had it graded by Beckett, which is a grading company that is considered a primo place that you want to contact to get a value or official status of your collectibles.

The graded this card a 9  (10 is basically a perfect mint card.)

For $210,330 someone bought the Josh Allen rookie card, signed, which makes it the highest valued Josh Allen card ever. The card company TOPPS acknowledged that there is only 1 of these, but the card has something that makes it vastly unique. The Buffalo Bills rookie card has a shoulder patch of his on the back of it.

Great "investment"!

Good news for Buffalo Bills fans, too. The Buffalo Bills sent out an email saying that they are preparing for a full capactiy 2021 season inside of the stadium when the Bills season kicks off in September.

The bad news for Buffalo Bills fans is that the price of the season tickets are going up. It is something that will go up, of course, over time and the Bills email sent out that notification to season ticket holders on Monday morning. Season ticket holders can expect about an 8 dollar on average per game increase.

After all of the success that the Buffalo Bills had for the 2020 season reaching the AFC Championship game, we have a feeling most people in WNY really won't mind.

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