Ask just about any star on country radio and they will tell you that if you want to make it on country radio or become a star to country fans around the world, you need to move to Music City. For most artists in the south and across the United States, that journey is easy. But for Royale Lynn, it meant moving to another country!

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Raye Lynn

Royale Lynn grew up just north of Buffalo in a town called Aylmer Ontario. After gaining success in her teens in Canada, a move to Nashville and the States was a natural next move. Fast forward a few years and you have a success story in Music City!

Even though she has made the move south, Royale Lynn has not forgotten the small town she was raised in and the great nation she was born in. A fan of hockey (her family roots for the Penguins and Maple Leafs) and Tim Horton's coffee, she has held on to the things that were part of her humble upbringing.

We met Royale Lynn just a bout a year ago in Nashville during CMA week and followed up on our invitation to have her on the show. Whenever we meet an artists from Canada, it feels like we have met someone from Buffalo as well.

Check out my chat with Royale Lynn below and her newest song "Texas Hold' Em".

thumbnail_Texas Hold'Em (final album art)

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