If a groundhog can predict how long winter is going to last, why wouldn't an orangutan be able to choose the winner of the Superbowl?   Here's why...

Steelers fans should feel good about the latest Superbowl winner prediction.  An orangutan in a South Carolina zoo has predicted that the Green Bay Packers will win Superbowl XLV over the Pittsburgh Steelers.  His name is Bob and he's only 5 years old according to this article from  KMOV-TV in St. Louis.  But that's not why Steelers fans should feel good about his pick.

The last time an orangutan picked the winner of a superbowl was when the Steelers took on the Arizona Cardinals.    The orangutan picked the Cardinals to overcome the highly favored Steelers.  And while that was a close game, the Steelers still came out on top at the end.

So while the orangutans in Oregon have a good record picking winners from the Superbowl, they seem to have trouble when the Steelers are in the big game.  But hey...they have as much of a chance at being right as we do right?

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