The COVID-19 pandemic continues and we are still waiting to see if the area will move in to a "Red Zone" status or if our current status will be pushed back? With the holiday shopping season here, small businesses are trying to figure out what their next move will be as well. But at least one gym owner has started to fight back against government restrictions.

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The owner of Athletes Unleashed was featured on Fox News this week after a video showing he and others driving authorities out of his business over the past weekend. Robby Dinero has been fined $15,000 for the actions this past weekend and a GoFund Me account has been set up to help pay the fine.

Dinero's gym is under Orange Zone lock down restrictions, and he was cited for hosting a large event with other business owners to discuss ways of dealing with the lock down. The story has made national news and Dinero was interviewed Tuesday night.

The frustrations have been ramping up on both sides of the COVID-19 issue since the uptick in cases began this month. Families are feeling the pressures of trying to manage remote learning and wondering if they will have a job if this continues. While we wait for a vaccine to be released and distributed, the best thing we can do for these small businesses is support them. They are our friends and our neighbors and the very backbone of Western New York.

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