It sounds too good to be true, but it is actually happening: one Western New York town is waiving a fee that we all hate. 

You may have noticed it over the years: as we get closer to the holidays, some places in Western New York will go out of their way to make residents feel that giving spirit. 

And when you visit Kenmore this holiday season, your spirit will quickly be brightened – from the moment you park your car!

The Village of Kenmore has placed red bags over their parking meters. On the bags, you will see this message:

Happy Holidays! FREE PARKING

Kenmore is one of those areas in Western New York that perhaps is the most strictly-enforced when it comes to rules and regulations, so many people were fearful that these red bags over the parking meters were a sham. 

One person said that they wouldn’t be surprised if “at 12:01AM the mask will come off the meter and you get a special holiday present.”

That is such a Bah, humbug! way of thinking. While it may seem too good to be true, the Village of Kenmore has quite the street cred when it comes to this nice gesture around the holidays. 

It’s unclear how long the parking meter fees will be waived, but typically the Village of Kenmore will do this throughout the month of December. 

It usually costs a quarter for every half hour parked in Kenmore, and if you have to park between 9 AM - 6 PM between Monday - Saturday, you are saving $13.50 per week, which adds up around the holidays. 

Now if only Elmwood and Allentown could follow Kenmore’s generous lead. 

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