There is no secret that the traffic is a headache in New York City. If you are not used to the aggressive way that people drive, it could be intimidating at times. For those who travel to visit New York City, it may be better to leave the driving to an Uber or Cab or subway.

However, if you choose to drive, the next frustration you may find is that there is no place to park. What are the options? Some choose to double park or park in a no parking area and just risk the fine or ticket. That may not be a good idea if you make a little more money.

There has been a bill presented in New York City that would make fines more expensive for those who make more money.

The NYDAILY News is reporting that:

A bill introduced in the City Council on Thursday would create a new sliding scale fine structure under which low-income New Yorkers would pay less than their high-income neighbors for civil transgressions like double parking.

Just because a fine is in place, doesn't mean people will pay up. In fact, there was a recent report that New York City is missing out on $1 billion in unpaid speeding tickets.

There may be good news for those on the roads in New York City as we are hearing that more and more young people are opting not to drive. Ride share companies have made it much more convenient to get around and, in many cases, it is cheaper than owning a car and paying a loan or insurance.

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