When was the first time you can remember hearing your mom or dad swear or cuss? Perhaps it was after your parent's favorite team lost a big game? Maybe it was during a road rage incident? Either way, it was a memorable moment for sure.

These days, it gets tougher and tougher to keep kids away from bad language. It seems that not only are people using bad words more often in regular conversation, it is everywhere online. Even if you are vigilant when it comes to videos your kids see, there are some words that just get through.

Everyone has a go-to cuss word. It may not be a violent word and it may not be a dirty word all the time and perhaps you are careful what you say at work, but we all have a word that flies when we are frustrated. But these days there seems to be one word that is getting more use than others and it is all due to a popular kid's TV show.

According to a recent thread on Reddit, BISCUITS is a word that many are blurting out when they are upset.

If you have ever seen the show "Bluey", the dad on the show uses the word biscuits often and so many parents have watched these shows over and over so often that the word is burned in their brain!

The weather these days may have you cussing a time or two. Many people were caught off guard by the heavy rain and cooler air this past weekend. Even though we are in October, the warm weather was easy to get used to. The cooler weather is here to stay this week and fall is settling in here in New York State.

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