Pepsi has annonced that they are going to release a strawberry-milk flavored cola drink.  That sounds absolutely nasty to me.  Have you ever had a big glass of milk and then followed it with a nice cold glass of pop?  Ugh...

I'm not sure why cherry mixed with cola sounds awesome, but strawberry mixed with cola makes my stomach want to turn inside out.  Oh might have something to do with the MILK and cola!

“Enjoy the rich aroma and refreshing taste of strawberry milk flavored cola,” -- Suntory (Pepsi's distributor in Japan)

However, if this new concoction does sound good to you, I've got bad news.  According to, it's only being sold in Japan for now.  That's assuming that it isn't the  best drink that the world has seen.  Because then who knows when we might see it here in the states.

I can't read Japanese but if you'd like to, you can check out the press release from Suntory here.

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