If you receive a perfect score on the ACT, then you are part of less than one-half of 1% of all test takers to earn a perfect score. 

Succhay Gadhar, 15, is a junior at Williamsville East High School. He took the ACT back in December, but unlike his classmates, he managed to score a perfect 36 out of 36.

The CEO of the ACT sent Gadhar a personal letter, congratulating him on his score and overall academic performance. Gadhar is one of about 4,000 students to score a perfect score. To give you some comparison, approximately 1.29 million students took the ACT this year. 

Gadhar actually took the ACT before, and he didn’t think he did too well the first time, so he kept studying until he was able to achieve an ACT score that he was satisfied with.

Gadhar has been preparing for the ACT since his freshman year, and he hopes to get into a good college with his score of a 36.

After high school, Gadhar plans to follow a pre-med track in hopes to head to medical school after college, going on to become a cardiac surgeon.

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