Have you seen one of the all-white, albino deer around Buffalo? One of the albino deer? What are the white deer called? We found some answers for you!

I don't know why, but it seems like people in Western New York have seen a lot more of these white albino deer in the area. Some called into WYRK last week and said that they saw one in the South Buffalo area, and another over on French Road in Cheektowaga. Now, I learned something that I thought was cool and maybe, interesting to note.

You may see two different kinds of 'white' deer.

1.) What is a piebald deer? Piebald deer are the ones that are white, but you will see a lot of brown spots on them as well on their hide. Usually, they will have pink noses and eyes. They are rarer across the country about one in 1,000 deer.

2.) You likely see more albino deer in Western New York, even though they are rarer to see across the entire United States. The odds of a deer being albino is 1 in 30,000. Here in WNY, we are in no shortage of deer that is for sure.

Why are some deer albino? It is simply just a recessive gene in the deer.

Is it illegal to hunt albino deer? In New York, it IS legal to hunt albino deer, although there are a handful of states in America that have declared albino deer hunting illegal.

Rare Albino Deer Appearing in Western New York

Have you ever seen one of the white albino deer in Western New York?

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