Imagine hundreds of pigs running around your neighborhood. Not a few--HUNDREDS.

Pigs were running everywhere in Buffalo.

On the East side of Buffalo, there were hundreds and hundreds of pigs that were running through the neighborhoods. 102 years ago this week, this story from Buffalo, New York was printed in newspapers across the United States.

This story happened in 1901.

There were 200 women that were mad about livestock in the street and when they didn't get any response from law enforcement about their concerns, they took matters into their own hands--they attacked pig drovers in the street causing hundreds and hundreds of pigs to run wild around the east side of Buffalo.

Some of the drovers were 'cut and bruised', but besides that, there were no major injuries. As you can imagine, there were TONS of missing pigs that were never accounted for.

It's so interesting looking at some of these throwback stories and seeing how Buffalo (and the law) USED to be.

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