If you think anchovies are a disgusting pizza topping, wait until you get a load of this.

Evan’s Neighborhood Pizza in Fort Myers, Florida has blown the lid off traditional Italian food by selling an “Everglades” pizza topped with – brace yourself -- hog, alligator, tomato, frogs legs, swamp cabbage and python.

Mmm, mmm. Maybe you can wash it down with cow pee for good measure.

Evan Daniell, who owns Evan’s Neighborhood Pizza, says he likes to live on the edge:

I'm very adventurous when it comes to food, that's for sure. You have different flavors throughout each bite.”

Daniell says the culinary creation has been a hit, with some 150 pies sold over the last two years. They fetch about $45 each, since python meat is a robust $66 per pound.

Daniell also hopes to keep pushing the envelope. He says he has been mulling over a new “roadkill” pizza that comes with raccoon, armadillo and possum, but added he hasn't found a supplier yet. Armadillo meat supplier -- for some reason, we haven't seen that show up on Craigslist yet.


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