With the State Thruway Authority just weeks away from starting cashless toll collection at the Grand Island bridges, E-Z Pass tags will be available at all Grand Island cash toll lanes thru the end of March.

The cost for an E-Z Pass tag is $25.00, cash only.  Tag holders then must register them online or by calling 1-800-697-1554.  The $25.00 charge for the tag will be credited toward all toll charges at any toll barrier on the Thruway.  E-Z Pass tags entitle users to a five percent discount on tolls on the Thruway.

The structures containing the overhead sensors and cameras for the cashless toll system at the Grand Island bridges are already in place.  Once they're operable, the toll buildings will be removed.  Eventually the entire Thruway will be converted to a cashless toll system.

The cashless toll system will allow vehicles to drive at highway speed and have their toll deducted from their account without ever having to stop at a toll booth.  A photo of the license plate of vehicles without E-Z Pass tags will be taken and a bill for the toll will be sent.

Eventually, the entire Thruway system will be converted to a cashless toll system.  That could take place by 2020.

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