Usually, when the police sent out a description of a suspect in a possible crime, it is very straightforward and to the point.

The description contains, height, hair color, skin color, eye color, and if they are any rememberable tattoos.

Someone within the DC police force took the whole suspect description in a whole new direction. Apparently, they were on Tinder or Eharmony as they were writing the description because they offered up a very unusual detail of a suspect.

On their Twitter page, the DC Police wrote about a suspect who is wanted in connection with a stabbing and they had the usual stuff. Height, skin color, what clothes they were wearing. Then this is where it gets weird. As they get to the suspect eyes, they wrote "Pretty Eyes". No mention of eye color, just that they were pretty.


By the way, if you ever looking for a laugh from a police department, you need to follow the West Seneca Police department on Twitter. They have some fun with their posts and they are always good for a laugh or two.

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